The Information Department in Kargil was established in the year 1963. The purpose for setting up of Information Center was to disseminate the information of the events and also exhibition of documentary films, displaying of Photographs, distribution of pamphlets on different subjects particularly health care, education to educate the people and also to organize debate, cultural programmes, Symposiums etc. The basic thrust was given about the cleanliness of  environment and health care through document films.

The main function of the department was to inform and educate the people about the Governments Policy and programmes initiated for the socio-economic of the people through publicity materials and Electronic media. The District Information Centre also provide information to the people about the developmental schemes and also disseminate the information with relate/happenings to different quarter Doordarshan also. Besides the Information Centre also publishing fortnightly news letters, feature articles, Press notes and developmental stories of the development going in the district of this the department also cover the meeting, Development Board meetings and tour of VIPs for providing publicity through electronic media. Nevertheless, the District Information Centre also arranges public Address Systems and Photo Exhibitions on different occasions.


The information and publicity department Kargil is charged with responsibilities of dissemination of Information highlighting the policies and programmes of Govt. and publishing the developmental activities under taken for welfare and betterment of the people through media. The main objective of the activities is to create public conscious and make them active partner in the planned development of the state on one hand and keep them fully informed about various development and events taking place in the district on the other hand. 

To carry out the aim and objectives of the department press noted of various developmental activities being registered are released on regular basis and distributed among the masses so they know about the developmental activities being executed in the district. To infuse a spirit of nationalism , Secularism, communal amity and cooperation a debates, seminars, Symposium, cultural programme, Mushirah, Photo exhibition are conducted at block as well as district level. 

Public address system, Photo coverage and video coverage are also made to all the important events and the visit of VVIP and ensure the proper coverage of all the events for media. 

Information Institutions 

The district Information Centre Kargil is headed by District Information Officer and having a staff strength of 14 members. It has two sub Centres, they are information centre, Zanskar and Drass. The Information centre, Zanskar and Drass are headed by Assistant Information Officer and has a staff strength of five members which including one projector operator, One Junior Assistant, One Screenman and One Orderly.

Source: Information Department, Kargil