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Kargil district is industrially one of the backward district of Jammu and Kashmir. Lack of infrastructural facilities particularly roads and inadequate power are the main bottlenecks for development of Small Scale Industries (SSI) sector. The District Industries Centre, Kargil is working for promotion of small scale, cottage based and tiny industry in this district.

Registration of SSI Units

There are 519 units registered formally with DIC, Kargil out of total 519 units 183 units are closed / untraceable and 336 units are functional. Besides, provisional registration is also granted to entrepreneurs for their proposed SSI units.

During the year 2003-04, 33 units have been registered provisionally and 19 units formally. Thus a total of 52 units have been registered against a target of 50 units in 2003-04. for the current year 2004-05, 47 units have been registered against the target of 50 units (upto August ebding 2004) provisionally / formally i.e. provisionally 30 units and formally 13 units.

Prime Minister Rozgar Yogna (PMRY)

Financial assistance is provided to educated unemployed youth for establishing Self employment units in business, servicing and small industry under PMRY, interest subsidy is provided to the candidates under PMRY for the interest charged by the banks against the loan amount. There is no mortgage required for this loan.

During the year 2003-04, 52 cases have been sponsored to various banks under PMRY against a target of 46 cases with a total loan amount of Rs. 71.50 lacs. Out of this 35 cases with a total amount of Rs. 43.54 lacs have been sacntioned by the Banks. For the current year 2004-05, 72 cases have been sponsored to various banks under the said scheme against a target of 46 cases, with a total amount of Rs. 121.43 lacs. Out of which 21 cases sanctioned with an amount of Rs. 35.67 lacs, upto August 2004. In addition to this 86 loanees have been provided Interest subsidy to the tune of Rs. 6.00 lacs during the year 2003-04.

Knitting Training Centre

DIC Kargil is running two training centres in Knitting for upgradation of skills among local women. One training centre is located at village Minji and another centre at Poyen, Kargil. During the year 2004-05 a total of 43 candidates (Female) have been trained in Knitting activity upto August 2004.

Incentives for Development of SSI Units

Under the package of incentives DIC, Kargil has sanctioned 30% C.I.S. to 2 units to the tune of Rs.6.70 lacs and 100% subsidy to 5 units to the tune of Rs.12.30 lacs. The disbursement of this subsidy amount sanctioned by the Directorate of Industries & Commerce of their own funds for the year 2003-04 by the State Level Committee.

Source: District Industries Centre, Kargil.



The Industrial Training Institute, Kargil has been established in the year 1984-85. Now the Institute is located at Bagh-i-Khomani, in the notified limit of Kargil about 3 Kms. away from the main city and is also height of 8500 ft. above sea level on the edge of a plateau. the institute is housed in quite a big building consisting 7 halls and 8 rooms which has the further scope of accommodating more trades in addition to those presently existing here. The institute has 9 Kanals of land including the build up area. There are 7 trades sanctioned in the Institutes and the breakup of which is as under:-

S.No. Name of the trade Position of affiliation Intake Admission
1. Stenography Affiliated 16 23 Candidates
2. Cutting & Sewing Affiliated 16 12 Candidates
3. Motor Mechanic Un-affiliated 16 -
4. Electrician Un-affiliated 16 -
5. Electronic Un-affiliated 16 -
6. Plumber Un-affiliated 16 -
7. Carpentry Un-affiliated 16 -

Source: Superintendent, ITI, Kargil



For development of Handicrafts activities the department is running training programme as well as follow-up programme in the District. Under training programme 14 training centres are existing in following crafts.

1. Carpet Weaving 6 centres
2. Gabba Emb. 2 centres
3. Carpentry 2 centres
4. Namda Emb. 1 centre
5. Papu Shoe Making 1 centre
6. Dragon Painting 1 centre
7. Hosiery / Knitting 1 centre

The above training centres are located in all the seven blocks of the district. Location wise details are as under:-

S.No. Craft Location Intake capacity
1. Advance Course Carpet Trg. Centre Akchamal 20
2. Elementry Course Carpet Trg. Centre Appatti 10
3. Elementry Course Carpet Trg. Centre Yulboo 10
4. Elementry Course Carpet Trg. Centre Sankoo 20
5. Elementry Course Carpet Trg. Centre Minji Gon 15
6. Elementry Course Carpet Trg. Centre Rantaksha 10
7. Advance Course Gabba Emb. Centre Haqnis 20
8. Elementry Course Gabba Emb. Centre Minji 15
9. Carpentry Trg. Centre Panikhar 10
10. Carpentry Trg. Centre Wakha 10
11. Namda Emb. Centre Trespone 25
12. Pappu Shoe Making Centre Kargee 10
13. Dragon Painting Centre Mulbeck 10
14. Knitting / Hosiery Shabatgon 10

During the year 2003-04 65 trainees have been trained in following crafts and 45 trainees have been trained upto ending 09/2004.



Trainees 2003-04 Trained End. 09/04
1. Carpet Trg. Weaving 20 25
2. Gabba Emb. 15 -
3. Knitting / Hosiery 10 10
4. Painting 10 -
5. Pappu Shoe Making 10 10

Under follow-up programme 131 Industrial Co-operative Societies have been registered upto ending 2003-04. During current financial year 18 more Societies have been registered as per below details:-

S.No. Craft

No. Registered

1. Carpet Weaving 1
2. Local Garment Making 6
3. Knitting / Hosiery 9
4. Gabba Emb. 2

Detail of progress made by the Societies during 2003-04 and ending 2nd quarter 2004-05 are as under:-

    2003-04 Upto ending 09/2004
1. Production 34.66 10.00
2. Sales 37.61 8.00
3. Wages earned 9.49 4.00

Under TSP 2003-04 Rs. 2.75 lacs has been allotted for establishment of 50 individual units. The allotted amount has been utilized in full and 50 beneficiaries as per below detail have been covered:-

S.No. Craft

Block wise break-up

Kargil Zanskar Sankoo Taisuru Chiktan Shargole Drass Total
1. Carpet Weaving 2 - 3 - - - - 5
2. Gabba Emb. 5 - 1 - 3 1 - 10
3. Knitting 3 3 - 1 - - 3 10
4. Basket Making - 2 1 2 2 - - 10
5. Painting - 1 - - 1 3 - 5
6. Carpentry - 1 1 1 2 - - 5
7. Chhali Making - - 3 1 1 - - 5
  10 7 9 6 8 4 6 50

Under BADP three training centres are functional at following locations:-

S. No. Location Name of Trg. Centre No. of Trainees in roll
1. Shakar Gabba Emb. Centre 15
2. Lalung Gabba Emb. Centre 15
3. Beares Drass Carpet Trg. Centre 15

For the year 2004-05 four training centres have been sanctioned for three border blocks as per below details:-

I. Kargil Block
1. Gabba Emb. Trg. Centre One
2. Knitting / Hosiery Centre One
II. Chiktan Block


Gabba Emb. Trg. Centre One
III. Drass Block


Gabba Emb. Trg. Centre One

Source: Assistant Director, Handicrafts, Kargil



Normal Scheme

The Handloom Department, Kargil is established in the District, mainly function to impart training to the local un-employed youth and others interested person in the traditional trades viz Shawl weaving, Pashmina spinning, Tailoring, Knitting. The imparting training to the trainees in the aforesaid trades in five blocks i.e. Kargil, Sankoo, Drass, Chiktan and Zanskar and have provided training to 200 trainees per year in different trades and have paid a stipend of Rs. 100.00 each per normal trainees and Rs. 250.00 each per advance trainees and the department has achieved a good sale of Rs. 4.82 lacs against the target of Rs. 3.00 lacs during 2003-04.

T.S.P Scheme

the department has provided a incentive @ 50% subsidy of unit cost in the ex-trainees / artisan which were completed training by the department in shape of cash and kind for established the own unit under Tible sub Plan Scheme. In Frouk Pattoo, weaving, spinning, tailoring, kinitting, trades about 60 to 100 unitper year as per availability of funds.

BADP Scheme

the department has established a elementary training centre in the Border Blocks i.e. Kargil, Drass and Chiktan, for providing training to the trainees in Tailoring, Spinning, Knitting unit and 8 nos. of training centres are running under the scheme during the current year 2004 in various blocks and a stipend of Rs. 200.00 per trainees per month till completion of training course which are one year and six month period in the trades. The scheme is also established as per availability of funds from the Government.

Source: District Superintendent, Handloom, Kargil.