The District, which is one of the most backward District with hilly terrain, came into existence in July, 1979 was carved out from District Ladakh. Geographical area is 14036 Sq. Kms and consists of seven CD Blocks and six Medical Blocks viz. Zanskar, Panikhar, Sankoo, Chiktan, Shargoleand Drass.

The density of population is 7.62 per Sq. Kms as against 59 persons for the state.

To provide health care preventive and curative care, the district has 192 Medical Institutions with 170 Bed capacity. The break of the institutions is as under:-

S.No. Unit Nos. Bed Strength
1 District Hospital, Kargil  01 75
2 Sub District Hospital, Drass 01 30
3 T.B. Hospital 01  
4 Community Health Centre 03  
5 Primary Health Centre 02 50
6 Allopathic Dispensary 14  
7 Medical Aid Centre 102  
8 Sub Centre 34  
9 Family Welfare Centre 01  
10 Leprosy SET Centre 01  
11 Leprosy Control Unit 01  
12 Mobile Dispensary 01  
13 Amchi Centres 30  
  Total 192  
Block-wise list of Medical Institutions by Name in Kargil District
Block Type of Institution Location of Institution
Kargil District Hospital Kargil
T.B. Hospital Titichumik
Rural F/W Centre Kargil
Mobile Dispensary Kargil
Control Unit Kargil
Leprosy SET Centre Kargil
Allopathic Dispansary Hardass, Choskore, Batalik
Medical Aid Centres

Baroo, Minji, Archoo, Akchamal, Tumail, Yourbaltak, Apati, Barchey, Lalaong, Silmoo, Garkone, Darchiks, Chulichan, Hunderman Broq, Farka Shalikchey, Budgam, Karkit Choo, Goma Kargil, Sapi

Sub Centre (Normal) Gargardoo
Sub Centre Family Welfare

Gunkha, Kaskarik, Chutook, Poyen, Chanigund, Chutumail, Stikchey

Drass Sub District Hospital Drass
Allopathic Dispansary Shimsha Kharboo
Medical Aid Centre

Matayen, Pandrass, Jasgund, Thasgam, Kaksar

Sub Centre (Normal) Chokiyal, Mushkoo, Shimsha
Sub Centre (Family Welfare) Goshan, Bhimbet, Bearas, Holiyal
Sankoo P.H.C. Sankoo Sankoo
Allopathic Dispansary Trespone, Tambis, Taiket
Medical Aid Centre

Sangrah, Barsoo, Saliskote, Lankarchey, Thuina, Bartoo, Stakpa, Karchey Khar, Patoo, Chachaysna, Shargandi, Faroona, Pangber

Sub Centre (Normal) Kanoor, Thangskam, Umba
Sub Centre (Family Welfare) Gundmangal Pore, Khalamarpoo
Panikhar P.H.C. Panikhar Panikhar
Medical Aid Centre

Rangdum, Parkachik, Tangole, Achambur, Namsuroo, Khows, Youljuk, Purtikchey

Sub Center (Normal) Kochik
Sub Centre (Family Welfare) Gayling
Shargole P.H.C. Shargole
Allopathic Dispansary Pashkum, Mulbeck
Medical Aid Centre Lochum, Tacha, Karit, Kukstay, Nunamchey, Tingdoo, Khachey, Foker Foo
Sub Centre (Normal) Skamboo Thang
Sub Centre (Family Welfare) Skamboo, Wakha
Chiktan P.H.C. Chiktan
Allopathic Dispansary Shakar
Medical Aid Centre Stakchey, Kukshow, Sanjak, Bodh-Kharboo
Sub Centre (Normal) Hinaskote, Samrah, Saraks
Sub Centre (Family Welfare) Hagnis, Lamsoo
Zanskar P.H.C. Padum
Allopathic Dispansary Karsha
Medical Aid Centre

Zangla, Itcher, Stongday, Abran, Ating, Karga, Pidmoo, Youlsoom, Shaday, Phay, Testa, Tungri

Sub Centre (Normal) Cha, Sani, Pipcha
Sub Centre (Family Welfare) Rarumonay
Machinery & Equipment Facilities Available in Medical Department, Kargil
Name of Institutions Name of Machinery/Equipment Quantity Remarks
District Hospital, Kargil X-Ray Plant 3 (One X-Ray Plant is down due to non avaliability of tube)
Portable X-Ray Plant 1   
U.S.G 1   
Endocope 1   
E.C.G. Machine 1   
Eye Microscope 1   
Dental Unit 2  
Dental X-Ray Machine 1   
Auto Analyzer 1  
Refregerator 2   
Baby Incubator 2  
Bronchuscope 1  
Cardic Monitor 1   
Leproscope 1   
Electric Cartery 1   
Anaesthesia Apratus (Boyls) 2   
Landry Facility 1   
Heart Machine 1   
Sub District Hospital, Drass X-Ray Plant 1   
Dental Unit 1   
Ultra Sound Machine 1   
P.H.C. Zanskar X-Ray Plant 1   
Dental Chair 1   
P.H.C. Sankoo X-Ray Plant 1   
Dental Chair 1   
P.H.C. Chiktan X-Ray Plant 1   
Dental Chair 1   
P.H.C. Shargole Dental Chair 1   
P.H.C. Panikhar X-Ray Plant 1   
Dental Chair 1   


Source : Chief Medical Officer, Kargil