Number of Offices
S.No. Name of Office Number of Office
1 Chief Education Officer's Office 01
2 Dy. Chief Education Officer's Office 01
3 Zonal Education Officer's Office 07
(one in each block)

Number of Schools

S.No. Name of School/Office Number of Schools
1 Higher Secondary Schools 06
2 High Schools 31
3 Lower High Schools 09
4 Middle Shools 40
5 Central Schools 07
6 Senior Basic Schools 13
7 Primary Schools 279
  Total 385
Stage-wise Enrollment of Students
Classes Boys Girls Total
I - V 4647 5930 10577
VI - VIII 2799 2879 5678
IX - X 1618 1410 3028
XI - XII 647 411 1058

Grand Total

9711 10630 20341

Source: Chief Education Officer, Kargil



The Degree Collage Kargil was introduced by the Government of J&K State vide Order No: 138-HE of 1995 dated 31.03.1995. The Collage was established on 29 June 1995 and thus the functioning of this highest seat of learning in the district market the dawn of a new area in the Educational Development of hilly, backward and border District of Kargil. The Collage is located at the height of 8500 feet above MSL, on the edge of a plateau. The elevation of the Collage from the main town is about 500 feet.

The Arts Faculty

 In its initial stage the Arts Faculty with the following subjects was introduced at the undergraduate level.

1. English 4. Economics 7. Political Science
2. Mathematics 5. History 8. Urdu
3. Sociology 6. Education 9. Arabic
    10. Hindi

The Science Faculty

The Government has sanctioned Science faculty in this Collage vide Government order No: 182-HE of 2002 dated 04.03.2002. Through the faculty started functioning since the academic session 2002 with the cooperation of School Education Department Kargil but the permanent posts of lectures in Physics, Chemistry, Botany and Zoology (Two Lecturers in each subject) Mathematics and English and four post of laboratory Assistant were created by the government in 2004 vide Government No: 176-HE of 2004 dated 20.07.2004, No: 181-HE of 2004 dated 21.07.2004 and No: 183-HE of 2004 dated: 26.07.2004.

Source: Degree College, Kargil